Caroline Croasdale

I studied fine art including printmaking, and art history for my BA (Hons) in Visual Art at Aberystwyth University.  I trained and then worked as a paintings conservator and also in collections management and exhibitions organisation.  Art has always been important to me both through my work and in drawing and painting but it was only when I joined the Regional Print Centre, for the first of many courses and workshops, that I rediscovered my love of printmaking.

Printmaking speaks to me like no other creative medium.  It challenges and surprises, it is alternately frustrating and rewarding but ultimately can result in the most exciting images.  Process and technique fascinate me, and working with both traditional and non-traditional methods and materials has opened up new visual languages to explore.  I’m happy to try any kind of printmaking that may lead to interesting creative outcomes.  I try to work to the strengths of processes and also enjoy combining them to blend different kinds of mark making in the same image.  I like monoprinting and aquatint etching in particular.

Much of my subject matter comes from nature, from landscapes to close-up studies.  The Welsh coastline and North Wales countryside are often where I go for inspiration.  Strong natural shapes, contrasts of light and shadow, atmosphere, texture, and colour combinations all interest me but anything I see that makes me stop and look can be the beginning of an idea and the start of a new creative undertaking.

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