Combination Printing with Greg Fuller

27/28 July 2017


Combination Prints

In this workshop you will explore the key technical aspects of general printmaking to allow for the creative development of ideas.

The workshop is designed to inform printmakers about the basic key elements of printing that apply to most processes. This will allow the individual artist the creative flexibility to move comfortably between processes in the development of their work.

The workshop will cover:

  • Selecting the appropriate paper and preparation
  • Systems of registration
  • Types and nature of inks for screen, relief and intaglio

Starting with a screen printed textural background you will overprint collagraph using relief, intaglio or both (whichever is most appropriate to your individual work).

Day 1

  • brief talk about papers, registration systems and inks.
  • Screen print pre-prepared textural backgrounds.
  • Preparing of 2 collagraph plates

Day 2

  • Overprinting collagraph plates, relief or intaglio
  • Methods of applying ink
  • Developing ideas

You will need to bring

  • some textural materials and line drawings (maximum A4) that can be cut, carved or used to create a collagraph plate.
  • Enthusiasm and lots of ideas

Non-members £120.00/Members £75.00
Booking essential (via email or telephone)

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