Drawing with Screenprint with Tara Dean (01-02/11/18)

Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd November 2018

10:00 – 16:00

During this two-day workshop, you will use line drawing to create a landscape-based image working with drawings from your sketchbooks or creating new sketches of the landscape/environment outside the studio.

You will explore different textures exposing them onto screen and combining them with paper stencils to produce a layered screenprint.

You will also experiment with acrylic paint and discover how printmaking medium can be added to create transparent shades, producing a watercolour/painting effect within the layers.

Tara Dean

My practice explores and experiments with findings, collecting parts! Often influenced by the environment I find myself in. They can be drawings, a few lines, pieces that I have found on my travels. Natural or manufactured.

The nature of my work means that often the found pieces will not be developed for a while; they are stuck in my sketchbook and often referred to later. The images I produce revolve around the values of printing. Developing often only a proof and the finished piece. Producing work that has been created by many parts of the original find, generating a collage of elements.

Drawing is the most influential part of the work I produce. These initial lines are sometimes modified. Layering paper, cutting stencils, masking areas of the drawn stencil producing many levels of textured colour. Producing alternative interpretations of the original drawing!

This inspires my interest in creating community workshops that promote an experience that encourages exploration together.


Non-members £140.00/Members £90.00

Booking essential (via email or telephone)

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