Estella Scholes

I originally trained as a painter, although my current practise uses several printmaking techniques, primarily collagraph but also drypoint and monoprint. I often work in sequences of images which may be combined in an artist book.

I am interested in the effects of time, weather, and memory on the natural and manmade environment. My observations, collected while scrambling over old breakwaters, exploring ancient settlements, and beachcombing for washed up debris, provide a rich source of subtle colours, textures and ambiguous forms, their original shapes and purpose worn away almost to abstraction.

I prefer to let these impressions linger in the mind for a while, to be further rearranged and abstracted until they emerge as an essence of the experience.

My work has been widely exhibited in the North West and Wales. I am an experienced adult education tutor and run creative groups and workshops in various techniques.

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