Etching with Andrew Baldwin (30/07/2015 – 31/07/2015) – SOLD OUT

Two Day Workshop

Etching Sandpaper Aquatint Coffee lift and Spit Bite.

The two-day workshop using safer approaches to etching will work on two projects.

Working with sandpaper aquatint.

The first project will include the Poor Mans Mezzotint’ so called because it is an alternative to the expensive and time consuming original mezzotint. I will demonstrate the versatility of the emery paper aquatint and how by using emery paper you can create a dense black print to compete with any traditional mezzotint. You will be provided with a ready to use ‘Poor Mans Mezzotint’ plate and all the tools needed to make beautiful tonal prints.

Working with Coffee lift and Spit bite.

For the second project you will be working with aluminium and the use of instant coffee to paint with brush, draw with nib or stipple with a toothbrush creating painterly like images. This will be further advanced by painting on the plate with the acid to produce natural tones (spit bite ). All this will be done using methods and materials that are far safer than the traditional process.

To further advance both of your projects I will show you my unique registration system, which will allow you to multi drop your one plate to create a full range of colour within the print.

If there is time I will also show participants some of the other aspects of BIGs versatility including soft ground impressions.


Day One Thur 30th July. Preparing and drawing plates

Introduction to BIG with examples of prints made using the processes you will be using. / Preparing a plate for BIG hard ground / Making an aquatint with sandpaper, and poor man’ s mezzotint/ Scraping and burnishing / Drawing and painting with coffee / Spit biting.

Day Two Fri 31st July  Etching and Printing Day

Biting in Copper Sulphate or Ferric Chloride/ Inking and printing / Using different printing papers / Registration of plates, single and Double drop (multi colour prints) / Stopping out.

Each of the two days will start with demonstrations followed with time for printmakers to try the processes out for themselves. It would be a good idea for those taking part to bring a note pad camera and sketchbook. Because I would like to make the most of my time with you I will try to give you as much technical info as possible during the two days. The itinerary is a guide and is flexible. If some would like to move on more quickly in particular areas I see no reason why this should not happen.

  • Booking essential (via email or telephone)
  • Non-members £120.00/Members £75.00

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