Etching with Aquatint with Jamie Barnes

2 & 3 August 2018

The workshop will begin with a brief introduction and display of examples. Participants will then make a drawing using photographs and their imagination to be used as a reference to etch their plate. Participants will be encouraged to capture the atmosphere of a place, not simply a slavish copy, using a composite approach as well as exaggeration and abstraction. 

The rest of the course will be taught hands-on as the whole class is lead through the process of making a line etching, then adding a full range of tones using the fascinating aquatint technique. When the plate is finished, the range of lines and tones will have been permanently etched into the plate, and the tutor will lead the class to ink up their plates and make a print on the etching press.

By the end of the session, you will have made a small amount of Aquatint Etchings to take home.

Jamie is a Freelance Curator and Printmaker in based in the Lake District. His artwork is principally concerned with manmade structures: houses, buildings, townscapes and structures in the landscape. Jamie has been a semi-professional printmaker for ten years. He mainly uses the aquatint etching technique to make his prints, a technique he loves for the quality of line, its depth of texture and for the random marks picked up by the process which he often chooses to preserve.

For Jamie all printmaking comes from drawing, which he loves to do. He enjoys taking his love of line drawing and transforming it through the magic of printmaking processes. He is interested in the lines, shapes and details of architecture and engineering but also in the human stories which are played out within buildings. In his work he often leaves lights burning inside the houses he depicts. This is partly so we can imagine what is going on inside; the secret and silent dramas which any inhabited place contains.

Non-members £140.00/Members £90.00
Booking essential (via email or telephone)

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