Exploring Mark Making with Electro-Etch with Don Braisby

Thursday 30th June – Friday 1st July


Electro etching is a recently rediscovered process for making both intaglio and relief printing plates. The leading advocates and writers on this process are Alfonso Crujera, Bob Perkin, Cedric Green, Marion and Omri Behr and Ole Larsen. This workshop is based on their writing and my own research into and experience with the process.

Electro etch is described as being the least hazardous of all the etching technique available. This workshop will concentrate on its potential for alternative mark making rather than its non-toxic credentials.

Workshops aim:

  • Provide a simple introduction to the theory and practice of electro- etching.
  • Introduce the equipment needed for electro-etching and plating, how to set it up and use it safely.
  • Creative plate making, resists and stop outs
  • Preparation and etching of plates.
  • Inking and printing plates.


  • Participants will have gained a working knowledge of electro etching and will have made and proofed several plates.
  • Introduced to electroplating as a potential process in printmaking. The workshop will focus on the electro-etching of mild steel and aluminium.


Non-members £120.00/Members £75.00

Booking essential (via email or telephone)

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