Greg Fuller

I find my environment a constant source of inspiration; the physical presence of the world engenders a response which I search to find equivalents for.

I develop my topographical drawings as a lifeline while I explore the more abstract ideas of the life that I observe. I recreate these drawings in prints and castings to allow the processes to develop more organic, eroded marks and surfaces. I include ideas about the landscape from other aspects of our common cultural language that work as short hand descriptions to a wider symbolism; from mathematical and geometric equivalents, cartography, satellite mapping or simply the ground beneath our feet.This takes me on an artistic journey into further abstraction which is a metaphor for my physical and intellectual journeys.

By exploring the surfaces and patterns in my environment I seek a greater understanding of its depth and reality, to create an emotional memory of a place.

The work is a celebration of the quiet realities of life, realities whose beauty and subtlety are often hidden behind our familiarity with the ordinary. I live an ordinary life in an ordinary place; it is only when I try to make work about it that I realise how extraordinary it is.

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