Ken Gowers

A Present Day Alchemist Masquerading as an Artist – turning base metal into spirit and gold.

My intention is to portray the spirit of whatever subject I am working on, marrying oriental sensibility with western technique, feelings with observation, avoiding the overemphasis on physicality of much of modern art. This objective is largely inspired by visits to China and also by the work of Japanese artists such as Hiroshige and Hokusai, who had so much influence on western art 100 years ago, as well as by other artists who were inspired by them, such as Felix Buhot and James Whistler. In my job as a chemist working on metal surface treatment, and as an artist specialising in etchings on copper, I consider myself as a kind of present day alchemist, turning base metal into gold (in appearance) as a chemist, and turning base metal into spirit (metaphorically) as an artist.

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