Let the Proof scholarship begin!

Congratulations to Angela Davies, Gillian Ellison, Liam Higgins, Nigel Morris, Rhiannon Moxon and Sammi Lynch for successfully being selected for the 2013 Proof Scholarship programme.

We are really excited to be working with such a talented and diverse range of artists.

Here are their thoughts, comments and reasons for getting involved in the scholarship.


Angela Davies

I am currently engaged in Postgraduate study at Manchester School of Art. My specialisms within the MA Textiles course are lace making, embroidery and laser printing. I am developing skills to create interactive installation art that responds to the local environment. It is my aim to promote and to push boundaries between craft disciplines and new technology.

The opportunity to be immersed in the print studio environment excites me. It will provide me with the support and enable me to translate skills in embossing, bromoil, screen printing and phosphorus printing with an aim to develop large scale light interactive textiles. Integral to this activity is the scope to play an active part in the creative community, to engage in dialogue with committed practitioners at the Print Centre.

I will graduate from Manchester School of Art in September 2013 and I see this award integral to my professional development and future practice. The opportunity to participate, to learn and develop skills in printmaking and to become an active member in this valued scheme, will give me the confidence to build connections and professional relationships with practitioners at the centre. It will provide the support for me to develop and build a career in the visual arts in Wales.

In terms of my personal philosophy, it is integral to my practice to share creative experiences, with a long term vision of building on these networks to support the creative community of the Print Centre.



Gillian Ellison

I am a first year Fine Art undergraduate and enjoy experimenting with a variety of media, of which print has been a major area. Since last September I have experienced several print processes via workshops. I have incorporated the results into my work and feedback from tutors has been very encouraging. I envisage the media of print to feature strongly as I progress in my work.

I welcome the opportunity to take part in the Scholarship to add to my skills, push the boundaries of the media, be exposed to leading practitioners and to network with fellow students and experts. I would also like to use the extensive facilities of the Regional Print Centre which I have experienced first-hand through my participation in an introductory course for Glyndwr students.


Liam Higgins

As a graduate (as of June 2013) of the BA hons Graphic Design degree at Glyndwr University, I have set my sights firmly on the screenprinting industry, and see it as something that I wish to be a part of after investing so much time and passion into it through these years.

I want to open up the avenues and networking opportunities this programme would bring. It would enable me to further enhance my practice and to improve my skills, which is something that is critical for my future career. The programme would allow me access to tools, facilities and knowledge that I would struggle to find as a new graduate, giving me vital opportunity to better my art and career.

I am always looking for ways to improve my art and give myself every opportunity to make the best of my work, which is why I feel this programme would give me that opportunity and I would become a better printer overall, ready to step into the industry.


Nigel Morris

I see printmaking being an important part of my practice and believe my work can be extended by bringing this into my practice more. As painting is my primary discipline of making, the painter’s relationship with printmaking has a long recorded history, having touched on printmaking during my degree at Chester University I became aware of the potential of printmaking; however the limited time available on a degree does not allow a student to achieve everything. I always wanted to engage with print further. So a scholarship with the Regional Print Centre would enable me to do this and explore this potential much more.

As artist in the local area, a sustainable practice has to paramount to survival. One of the features of printmaking is reproduction and the limited print run of an image is a great tool in any artist folio. This scholarship would be a vital introduction not only to extend my printmaking capabilities but I would hope to be involved with the future events that the Print Centre is to stage. I would be very keen to continue using the facilities available.



Rhiannon Moxon

In my Illustration degree (at Glyndwr University), I have explored various mediums but have found print to be the most rewarding and expressive form that suits my work.

I have a keen interest in accessible art forms and, historically, printmaking has played an integral role in the democratisation of art and information. Without print, there would be no illustration and I believe that in today’s world it still has an important and relevant role to play. In an age of computers and Photoshop, printmaking offers an alternative; the human touch embedded within the work, and the tactile feel of print really appeals to me.

It is also the process of printmaking that compels me to continue with it; the physical process of setting the press, preparing the screen, mixing the colour and making all the crucial decisions that can impact on the finished result. Every step of it feels like a creative decision, and there seems to be so much to be learnt in print making.

Through my experiences, both here in North Wales and in Poland, I have come to appreciate printmaking for the exhilarating and exciting art form that it is. The more I do of it, the more I realise how much there is to be learnt and how much potential there is. I have a growing hunger for the form that shows no signs of subsiding!



Sammi Lynch

It is the tactile and hands on experience that draws me to the practice of printmaking; I feel very involved in the process. I enjoy the unpredictable nature and the sense of surprise when peeling back the layers to reveal the transformation of a blank piece of paper into the final print. Furthermore the wide diversity of printmaking techniques and practices fascinate me and I enjoy the unique prints which are obtainable by combining different subject matter and practices into a cohesive whole. The ability to further my artistic repertoire by learning and employing a variety of techniques is a fulfilling prospect for me. In addition I enjoy collaboration and so I am excited about the prospect of working through a course with like minded others to see how their interpretations and aspirations differ from my own. I hope to gain insight and inspiration from comparing works whilst developing my own perspectives, concepts, and technical ability.

This programme offers unique opportunity to connect with professional and inspirational printmakers in addition to gaining practical and theoretical knowledge from them. It will put me in good stead for continuing my artistic practices into my Art Foundation degree at Manchester Metropolitan. I expect to learn and refine a host of practical skills, which I can incorporate into my assignments and portfolio during higher education. After my foundation year I aspire to attend a top art school in London to study either art or graphics. This programme will significantly enhance my knowledge and skills in printmaking, an area of art that will continue to bear relevance into my University studies.

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