Owen Anthony Jones

My work is intuitive and instinctive, and based on drawings and memories of places and events. These things inspire me; hold a sense of history and a connection with the past. Sometimes, this can be seen in the marks left on the land, the marks that I make and the marks on the objects themselves.

In my Mixed media work, layers are added, and scraped back. In the same way that landscape and memories are formed and eroded, the marks are the residue of action and Time passing. I aim to express and celebrate my connection with Life and its stories, its memories and my history.

The development of imagery in “Australian Flower” is the direct result of my research into the emerging use of laser cutting in printmaking. The Perspex block was cut and the repeat image was engraved onto the glass of the box frame using a laser.

“Bombers’ Moon” is based on my memories and family stories of gas masks in the Second World War. The Lino cut images are printed on old, brown wrapping paper and are placed inside specimen bottles, in an old grey box reminiscent of wartime equipment and museum displays.

“Cellular landscape” is a mixed media piece from a series of work based on the ploughed fields near my home. The surface of the card is torn and then worked on with a variety of two dimensional media and collage. Finally, a large, hand cut Collagraph based on cell structures was printed over the surface.

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