Pam Newall

My prints have been built up from drawings or photographic images, sometimes worked into. I have recently used etching, photoetch and photoscreen/silkscreen. Printmaking is for me a way of seeing things more consciously and less casually, of indexing experience and controlling the chaos of incessant observation. I would like my prints to record the marginal and to merit the viewer lingering in front of them and wondering about the stories in them. The prints have in common a glimpsed view of the hinterlands in our cities and suburbs. There are recollections of film noir, the deadpan, the edge of things, perhaps sometimes a subtext of anxiety and underlying violence. Drawn to European ‘deadpan’ photography of the 1990s, often presenting places emptied out of their inhabitants, images may have ‘a reticent muteness…that leaves them open to interpretation’


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