Printmaking Scholarship Opportunities

As part of the Regional Print Centre’s commitment to artists at the early stages of their career we are offering up to 5 places on a printmaking scholarship programme ‘Proof’ starting in July until December 2013.

We are looking for FE students, Undergraduates, Graduates and Post-Graduates who have an interest in printmaking and wish to develop a career in the visual arts/creative industries in Wales.

The aim of Proof is for participants to develop their individual skills and discipline in order to build a strong foundation to enable them to realise their creative potential through the medium of printmaking.

This will involve learning directly from Masters and experts in the field of contemporary printmaking and participating in Regional Print Centre activities and events (without charge) between July and December 2013.

This blog will record and track the progress of the artists taking part in the Proof scholarship. It will feature regular updates about and from them. These will include photographs, images and comments about their work and progress during the scholarship. I hope you will join us on this exciting and creative journey through print!

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