Proof Printmaking Scholarship 2015

We are extremely pleased to announce that Rebecca Wilcock, Paul Heppell and Myra Ryan have been selected to take part in our Printmaking Scholarship 2015. They will all take part in our Summer Workshops Programme and have the opportunity to use the printmaking studio for the rest of the year. We are really looking forward to working with them to support their creative journey.

Here are their reasons for applying:

Rebecca Wilcock

I have always been interested in printmaking and I want to learn more about the techniques involved. I have tried to learn as much as I can on my own by reading up on techniques and attending short courses. This year I have set myself the task of equipping myself with the skills I need to start up a business making prints and cards on a small scale, but in order to do this I need to perfect and fine tune my existing skills and learn new ones too. The Proof programme would allow me to do this and set up my dream job as a printer as well as developing my skills to enable me to apply for an Art Degree specialising in Printmaking. It would be the springboard into a new direction for my life and artistic career.

Paul Heppell

I am currently studying Fine Art as an undergraduate at Glyndwr University. I include printmaking as part of my studio practice but feel I need to expand my skill base and experience in order to better explore the possibilities of print. Taking part in the Proof programme is a fantastic opportunity to gain skills and knowledge in an area of artistic practice that will be an integral part of my studio work as a professional artist. By increasing my skill base in printmaking I will be able to have a greater understanding of how to make the artwork I want to make. Gathering these extra skills from experts will give me greater confidence to experiment with a range of techniques. I then intend to take this forward into my career as a professional artist in North Wales.

Myra Ryan

I see the Proof programme as giving me the impetus on leaving university to pursue my dream of becoming a full time practising artist in the mediums of my choice. I love moving between 2D and 3D and combining the elements of drawing, print and sculpture.

I realise that although I have learnt some of the basics of printmaking there is very much more to learn and what better way could there be than from experts in the field. There will be opportunities to learn some techniques that I haven`t yet touched upon but also you learn so much from other people on the courses as well as the technicians and the other members of the print centre. With the experience of the summer workshops and the unlimited access to the print centre I hope that printmaking, as well as a passion, will enable me to show and sell my work and support myself as a practising artist.

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