Proof Scholarship 2014 – Congratulations to our new scholarship participants!

Congratulations to Emma Hulmston, Katie Cyfenw, and Julie Wem for successfully being selected for the 2014 Proof Scholarship programme.

We are really excited to be working with such a talented and diverse group of artists.

Here are their thoughts, comments and reasons for applying for the scholarship.

Emma Hulmston

I currently study Fine Art as well as Primary Teaching at Liverpool Hope University and have grown an interest in printmaking. I find printmaking rewarding and highly enjoyable and I am keen to expand my basic knowledge. I have always been creative and feel that I can turn my hand to most cr4eative subjects; the Proof Programme would be an influential learning opportunity that I would love to be a part of.

I feel that taking part in the programme would benefit my career in art as I aim to incorporate what I learn into my teaching practice. I hope to keep printmaking alive and possibly pass on the knowledge I have learnt onto others keeping creativity at the forefront of the curriculum and exposing others specifically children to the world of print.

I feel that I am yet to find my niche artistic forte and would like to collect as much artistic knowledge as I can.

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Katie Cyfenw

I am applying for the Proof Programme because I love printmaking and I want to improve my skills and learn new techniques that I can introduce into my artistic practice. The opportunity to learn from experienced and master printmakers would be invaluable experience and an exciting step forward on my artistic journey.

I currently have a studio based at an artist-led pop up gallery space in Wrexham and am also part of the Wrexham Community Artist’s Network. Part of the reason for applying for the Proof Programme is because I would very much like to develop my skills and experience to be able to run workshops and organise projects and exhibitions that would benefit the wider community. My aim is to be an exhibiting artist, but I also wish to further my academic career possibly with a view to teaching or working within the community. My next step is to embark upon my Masters degree in Art Practice which will be a development of my current art practice. The Proof scholarship will afford me access to excellent printmaking facilities through membership to the regional print centre as well as inspiration and knowledge from the expertise of professional printmakers.

The experience would give me confidence in my technical skills as an artist which I then hope to be able to share with others.

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Julie Wem

Being part of the Proof Programme would benefit my practice by allowing me the time and space to explore my interests in printmaking and to experiment with new processes in the making on my art. I am constantly looking at ways to develop my practice and this programme will give the opportunity to participate, learn and extend my knowledge and skills.

Currently I am involved in several societies and art groups and would like to extend this involvement to include the Regional Print Centre. I would like to get involved in events arranged by the Centre and become a part of the community and to continue to utilise the facilities available.

I know there is a lot more I can learn and am excited by the thought of the potential work I could create with the support and encouragement of fellow artists, and staff at the Print Centre. As well as expanding the skills I use in my practice, the benefits I would gain would also be passed on to others. I currently work part time as a Community Education Tutor and have passed the printmaking skills I have learnt so far on to my students encouraging them to explore the use of the medium.
This programme would be an opportunity for me to immerse myself in the practice of printmaking.


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