Sally Dixon-Leigh

My art work has evolved since Saturday classes at Goldsmiths, a foundation course at the Reigate School of Art and Design followed by a degree course for a B.A. (Hons.) Design: Animation at NEWI, accredited by the University of Wales. This has been augmented with short courses and personal practice.

My work focuses on the natural world with its colours, form and structure. I have always been allowed time to “stand and stare”, a time to pause and observe. My drawings and paintings of flowers, fruit, vegetables, fungi and landscapes have been a journey of discovery to a greater understanding and appreciation. I enjoy both detailed drawing and the quick observational sketch of people in an urban environment.

I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and media. My observational skills and understanding are evolving.

The initial idea for a print develops from my observations, which I have recorded as sketches, photographs and paintings of the subject. I then seek to refine and simplify the image, prior to the preparation for printing. This is followed with the preparation of the plate or preparatory drawing for a monoprint.  Finally, the printing, and with it the satisfaction, of the finished print.

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