Sara Stabb

Sara’s artistic career has been somewhat uneven, with much to-ing and fro-ing between disciplines and vocations. It seems it has taken a long time for her to finally recognise her need to apply her time and energy to painting and printmaking and which, since she turned 70, now carries a sense of urgency!

In her youth, she attended St Martin’s School of Art, but left after a year to pursue various interests, including travel and university where she qualified as a social worker, and worked for local authorities on and off for many years. During this time however, she took some years out to complete a degree course in Fine Art at North Staffordshire in Polytechnic in 1979.

During the ensuing years when she returned to work for Stockport Borough she continued to paint in her spare time, and also joined the Salford –based printmaking association which later became Hot Bed Press Printmaking Studio, and with other early members helped it to grow and develop.

During the last 10 years, since retiring from her previous employment Sara has been able to concentrate on a practice which mixes painting and printmaking, and completed the first year of the Professional Printmaking course at the Regional Printmaking Centre, Wrexham. During this time she was encouraged to use her life drawings as source material for prints, and this has continued to be a rich seam of exploration in her work which she makes in her studio in Stockport.

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