Simple Artists’ Books with Elizabeth Willow (23/07/2015 – 24/07/2015)

Simple Artists’ Books

Using a range of folding techniques, along with some simple sewing, cutting and gluing, participants will create a collection of elegant and exciting sample book forms, both soft- and hard-back, including traditional pamphlets, accordion books, and the more sculptural origami-based flower and map books. There will be exploration of the delights and challenges of using paper, and discussion of the relationship between structure and content.

All materials and equipment will be provided (though participants may wish to bring along some of their not-quite-perfect prints to transform into stunning books…).

The workshop is aimed at those new to book arts; it is ideal for printmakers wishing to take print into further dimensions, and for anyone who loves paper and books.

Artist’s books are an important part of Elizabeth’s practice, and she is particularly interested in the ways we engage with objects, and by the relationship between form and content. Her books have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and are held in numerous collections, including The Centre for Fine Print Research and Tate Britain.

  • Booking essential (via email or telephone)
  • Non-members £120.00/Members £75.00

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